8 March 2018


When we were planning our parenthood… we imagined our first pregnancy symptoms to be something like…
“Craving and hogging on sour food”
“Running to get the spew out of me” and realising it as very first symptom of being pregnant
“Falling because of Dizziness and weakness” post which when I wake up in front of doctor and my husband congratulates me for being pregnant… Blush! Blush! Blush!

In Real life one doesn’t actually realize the symptoms until she misses her first, which is already 4 – 6 weeks of the pregnancy.
Well majority of women do not realize the difference in early pregnancy symptoms until they check it with home pregnancy test.

So, the biggest symptom is:

Well 28 – 30 days just goes by in the spur of a moment and it takes at least a week or 10 days to realize that your cycle is missing or is late! It’s when most of the women tend to check their status by using at home pregnancy test kit.
To one’s surprise at home pregnancy tests detects 5 to 6 weeks pregnancy as well. It’s the easiest and confident cue to be relied on!

Other cues are camouflage in nature.
These symptoms are similar to PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) symptoms for few.
Yes! Movies tell you the truth ๐Ÿ˜‰
What is not true is the likability for only sour taste!
Many women experience heightened sense of taste. Cravings or aversions can be for sweet, sour or hot food. There is no set rule for it! Sometimes, your favorite food / fragrances could become aversions and not so likable food / fragrances makes you feel good!

It’s a mysterious change in pallet that every woman faces only post 7 – 8 weeks, says Dr. Sathe. It is not a very early pregnancy symptom!

Are you nauseous most of the time?
This symptom when seen in combination to overdue period could be in favor of pregnancy. However, if it is only an affair of one or two days please consider it to be a PMS symptom and not a Pregnancy symptom. Though first term of the pregnancy is known for nausea but in majority of cases the morning sickness kicks-in only after deducing the pregnancy.

  •    BOOB-E-TRAP
Heaviness | Sensitivity | Tenderness are the symptoms that many feel while expecting and before deducing the pregnancy, due to hormonal changes. However, the occurrence is very low and is been perceived to be one of the common cyclic PMS symptom as well. So, this as well is not a sure shot symptom.

Well this is the most common symptom for PMS and early pregnancy too due to body's preparation for the new life inside you. The slightest of this cue much before the date could mean you are pregnant! Checking with your doctor or at home test should be your next step!

Well hormonal changes and deficiency of glucose in blood might affect your activeness and could make you feel lethargic, tired and sleepy all the time. You would be surprised that husbands are the first ones to pick this ๐Ÿ˜‰.
If you feel this on a continuous basis just before or after 1/2 days overdue of your cycle – please keep yourself hydrated, eat well in small intervals to maintain your sugar levels and check it with at home pregnancy test!

For a few women the feeling of start of the cycle heightens before they get to know about the pregnancy. However, Dr. Shipra says it is purely a psychological phenomenon due to overdue of the date.

When I was waiting for the time to test I did vouch for this particular symptom which happens in between 6 – 12 days after the egg is fertilized as per American Pregnancy Association. Considering it is almost the time of the arrival for your date this can be easily misinterpreted.

If you have a very light bleeding with no discomfort for hardly a day or two then it might be implantation bleeding, else it is your normal cycle. Dr. Shipra suggests to not get confused with this symptom as it is rarest of the rare symptoms seen in hardly 1 out of 100 women.

Though these symptoms are vague to the core and have some or the other implications, however, if you feel and you think you are pregnant, I would say follow your instinct and go ahead with the at home test ๐Ÿ˜Š
You will be surprised to see it positive!


14 February 2018


Once a successful act - 250 million Sperms leaves their home ground and enter the unknown world of Female reproductive system. Once they enter this Maya Nagri (Magical world) they fall in love       with the Egg!

To decide the true winner these 250 million sperms, tend to participate in a race to be the one who can spend their whole life with the egg!

Image Courtesy: 3 Idiot Movie
This race is full of obstacles and barriers:
  • THE EXTREME PRESSURE: The Acidic nature of Vagina in itself poses a strong survival issues for many sperms. The acidic PH inside the vagina kills few sperms as soon as they enter.
  • IMMUNE MORTAL COMBAT: Once the fittest sperms pass on to the next phase women’s white blood cells combats sperms as they are detected as enemies in the system leaving only 2 million sperms to enter the cervix.
  • VICIOUS SWIM THROUGH: Post entrance in the cervix sperms swim through the cervical mucous and vaginal discharge. Depending on the stage of the cycle the texture and consistency of this liquid is either dense or sheer. During Ovulation as discussed in the 5 visible cues for deducing the magical window of ovulation sheer and thinner liquid compliments the movement of the sperm and makes the environment conducive for them to survive. On the other hand, before and after the Ovulation this liquid is dense and makes the movement of the sperm difficult.
  • THE CURVY MAZE: Overall the structure and shape of female reproductive system is complicated itself. Many sperms get caught in the different spaces and cavities and there-by get lost.
Image Courtesy: poppingunicorns.com

The Mediterranean nature of the maze was not enough. To add to it the motion to the left or right of the fallopian tube gets hold of a lot of sperms.

While it all seems really full of struggle but there are few arrangements done by the egg as well to make their journey a bit easy-going.
  • NEUTRALIZED LOVE IN THE AIR: Usually sperms are prepared for acidic environment and mortal combat through its seminal liquid. This Seminal liquid neutralizes as an effect of the acidic environment and secretes a sugar that nourishes the sperm and act as a protector during the mortal combat with white blood cells.
  • EGG GIVES CLEAR HINT: During egg formation the hormones sends in clear signal to the sperms. These signals acts as a directional hint for the sperms and aids them in selecting the right direction in the maze.
  • STRONG CUPID FORCE: Near to the ovulation date the hormones that are produced to help the egg grow also enter the women’s bloodstream. These hormones indicate the muscles of the womb, that are closest, to start a rhythmic contraction so as to slowly move the sperms towards the entrance of the fallopian tube.
  • A TINY VALVE OF LOVE: Once the muscles of the womb pulls the sperms near to the fallopian tube the tiny opening of the fallopian tube acts as a valve. This valve opens only for very few sperms and there-by letting only few sperms inside the tube. This is also a process of elimination by women’s body for getting only the best sperms closest to the egg.
  • FUN FILLED WAITING AREA: Once inside the fallopian tube Sperm are in the safest environment and they hang out at the walls of the fallopian tube till the egg is realized. In this situation only five to six sperms are successful out of 250 million.
  • THE FINAL PROPOSAL: Once the movement of egg is sensed these few sperm get detached from the wall and move to the middle of the Fallopian tube to meet the egg they are in love with ๐Ÿ˜Š.

Once the fastest sperm meets the egg it presents itself with a combination of powerful thrust of the tail and a bag full of enzymes that melts the heart (the outer membrane) of the egg before the egg says yes to the relationship. Once the egg says yes to one sperm it hardens the outer membrane so as to stop entrance of other sperms. Post few hours the tail of the sperm is detached. The chromosome inside the head of the sperm meets the inner part of the membrane to ignite the ray of a new life!

The winning sperm travels only 10 -12 centimeters yet faces a lot of hurdles and challenges to meet the love of his life – something similar to our real lives!
Be active! Be Happy! And Be the winning sperm ๐Ÿ˜‰ to pop a unicorn ๐Ÿ˜Š


1 December 2017


Happy morning! The Ovulation days are here!

Wow these are the day to conceive and be in the act!
It feels like jitters and butterflies within!
It feels happy and cozy all around!

Well you guys know it all about the act. So I am not going to discuss how and what to do, instead I would like to touch upon few must haves …

Like I mentioned earlier – do not take this act as just a baby making act but indulge and make love! Indulge in a quick morning round or an extensive whole day steaming hot moments of togetherness! The more you are together the better are the chances of conception. :)

Even though everyone knows the rules of sex – the universally known pleasurable act, one needs to keep in mind the 4 KAMA MANTRAS OF CONCEPTION….

So let’s start with the first chant … Oooaaammm… ;) just kidding!
The science of conception in Ayurveda suggests to choose a position that ensures a deep penetration. Also it is important to get in to the position where cervix is easily accessible. Though there are a lot of positions like Missionary, Doggy, Glowing Triangle and Anvil, that ensures these two mandates, yet all of them except missionary creates some or the other flaws/ doshas in the baby. Thus the sole position that Ayurveda suggests is the mundane yet effective - Missionary.
There is a witty yet funny quote:
“Go down a water slide without water and you’ll understand why foreplay is important.” ;)
Well it is important at the time of conception specifically as it creates a conducive environment for the survival of sperm.

Well it is said that, the more you enjoy and forget worries, the more happy sperms would be ejaculated, as oppose to shorter and stressed intimate time that leads to less number of sperm ejaculation.

Think of it as fun time for both rather than focusing on the Finish Line! 
There is a myth across that, “great sex means having at least one Orgasm”. However, Dr. Sathe suggests to focus on contentment and satisfaction rather than focusing on the climax.

Well if you get one, there’s nothing like it, however, it’s not a mandate scientifically! 
Ta-da! Don’t all of us know this?

We do know this yet many of us tried the abdomen uplift trick post the act.

After reading this trick it made real sense to me. By lifting your abdomen and placing a pillow below the thigh after the act gives gravity to the sperm and makes sperm’s movement into the cervix easy. It has purely psychological connect says Dr. Shipra.

On the contrary, Dr. Sathe says this act doesn’t have any scientific roots. People follow all type of tips and tricks like no getting up after the act or sleeping in a single position and keeping the abdomen lifted whole night. Sometimes if the semen comes out of the woman’s body – it is perceived as a personal defect and affects emotionally!

Please don’t bother yourself with this small thing.

As per both Ayurveda as well as modern science a single drop of semen contains 10 million sperms. So even if one gets up after the act, doesn’t follow the abdomen uplift tip and move around after the act the chances of conceiving will be equally high!

This brings me to the end of this article, where I would like to stress upon the fact that….

“This can be your last sex session before any changes in yourself.”

Once conceived you will be a TO BE PARENT!!! So spend these moments wisely ;).



18 November 2017


Deducing ovulation is as magical as conceiving a Unicorn baby! The process of ovulation has its own mysteries and joys. Even though some facts remains same for deducing ovulation, however it happens on different day and different time in each month.

Let’s quickly see what Ovulation is?

Ovulation, as it is defined, is a small window of opportunity of 24 hours to conceive when one of your ovaries releases an egg to fertilize. Once the egg is released from your ovaries it has a lifespan of only 24 hours to get fertilized. If no fertilization happens then the thickened lining of the uterus sheds and the process of your cycle starts.

Isn’t this a really small window? Hacking the lucky 24 hours code was a big learning for me, as it was the biggest mistake I did in my process of trying. We tried our chances on nearby days before and after but never on the 24 hour radar ;), until I started to learn about the visible symptoms. :D

So here are the 5 visible cues that will help you to crack the mystery of this magical window ;).

Ovulation signs

Once I learnt to crack the code I was puzzled with the very question of:

How to time the act in the lucky window of 24 hours?

Well, you know how our office hours are, how your mood fluctuates and on top of it the pressure of conceiving on the very day…huh! It literally gave me goose bumps.

But here is the good news and my great learning!

bacche ka baad

Hurrah! God is fair on that front ;)

So if you indulge in the act 5 to 3 days leading up to the O-Day the chances to conceive are as high as 33% per day as sperms waits in the fallopian tube for good 4 – 5 days to date the freshly released egg!

Once the egg meets the sperm on its way to uterus lining the magic begins!!!

Enjoy deducing the magic window!

Enjoy making unicorns!

Be a Unicorn Popper